A big and thick p3nis can be a bother when it comes to s3x, a thick p3nis might be a good tool but the major problem is if the owner knows how to use it well.
Even though studies have shown that a lot of women prefer an average size p3nis to a big one there are ladies who love the thick ones because according to them it gets to the necessary places without even trying hard like an average p3nis size and a small one. There is also a challenge these ladies complain of, which is that they can’t try most s3x positions and this can be a killjoy during s3x for most ladies.
Below are 2 positions most suited for men with thick p3nis.

The edge of heaven: “Start this position by letting her prop herself to the edge of a surface probably a counter, if you’re a short dude, try for a closer to the ground surface, and for a taller guy, you can use a kitchen counter or the dining table and let her wrap her legs around your waist, this position is semi-unbalanced position that is risqué and it’s so interesting”.
The Fortress: “If the d1ck is long and wide and your partner is on the small side, a petite frame, let her lie on her belly, spread her legs a bit and penetrate her from behind, kind of laying on her, the sleeping position d0ggy style, you can brace yourself off her a bit with your arms so all of your weight isn’t on her”.

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