Forget all the packaging you see, ladies are always nervous when it’s time to have s3x with the men in their lives for the first time, they are like a jelly fish shaking inside with so many thoughts on their heads but always composed outside forming the s3x goddess.
It doesn’t matter how long the relationship is, either a day or a year after meeting a guy, there will always be questions that reflect their worries about having s3x with a man.
Below are some things ladies worry about when preparing to have s3x with a man.

“Will he use protection?”
“Do I need to get myself sorted out if he doesn’t?”
“Should I shave?”
“Should I buy new, sexy underwear for the occasion?”
“What colour should my underwear be?”
“Will we be s3xually compatible?”
“What do I wear?”
“Will he be too big or too small?”
“Will it be too soon or too late?”
“Will I regret sleeping with him?”

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