Here are reasons why she dumped you which you are unaware of.
1. You’re Toxic To Her Friendships: Slowly, you are driving all of her friends away. They don’t want to be around her especially when you’re there.
2. You’re Becoming A Slob: You stopped caring about your looks the moment you got into a long term relationship with her and this annoys her so much. You should strive to keep fit.
3. You’re Always Broke.
4. You’re a mummy’s boy.
5. You never go anywhere: You’re always stuck at home like a hermit. Make effort to go out at least once a week.
6. You have a baby mama.

7. You stopped caring about her life.
8. You stopped having is frequent s3x as before.
9. You are constantly fighting.
10. You’ve lost all your ambition: You are no more the purpose driven guy she fell in love with.
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