I know most people, especially guys, are already hissing and asking what does this writer know about p3nis size and it’s effectiveness during s3x, well guys I am only a messenger. There has always been an argument about what p3nis size women like(the big, the average or the small) which is why we had to go on a little research trip talking to different women and our research made us realise that women love “thick and big” p3nis.
We conducted a research on why women love having s3x with men with big p3nises and these are our findings.
“The first reason why women love bigger p3nis is that a thick and long p3nis looks much better than a small or an average p3nis in the eyes of most women, this is just something that you cannot really understand men love women with beautiful faces, big br3@sts, big buttocks and other features that we could keep listing so it is with women when it comes to s3x, women always prefer a big p3nis to a small one just like men always prefer a beautiful woman to an average looking woman”.
“Women love thick and long p3nises because it makes them more open to orgasms, the sight of a large erect p3nis protruding out of a man’s pubic region is extremely s3xy for most women and this makes them hornier, the anticipation of being penetrated by what a woman views as the perfect male s3x organ makes her vag!na extremely wet before she is even touched by her well-endowed lover, just the sight of a man’s big p3nis does a lot of work in setting a woman in the right mood for explosive s3x”.
“Women love thick and long p3nises because of the pleasure centers located their vag!na, there are pleasure centers all located around the walls and deep into a woman’s v@g!na and when a small or an average p3nis penetrates a woman’s vag!na, there is still a lot more room for stimulation but a big p3nis would reach deep into a woman’s vag!na and expand her vag!na walls as well as her vag!na lips resulting in far more pleasure than when penetrated by a small or average p3nis and a woman’s clitor!s, which is a pleasure button, is not neglected when a man penetrates her with a big p3nis because the large size of his p3nis base rubs the clitor!s making it easier for a woman to achieve powerful orgasms”.
“Women love men with a thick and long p3nis because of the s3xual confidence they “ooze” in the bedroom, a man with a big p3nis would be more willing to try different positions and also focus his attention on giving his woman a great time in the bedroom whereas a man with a small or average p3nis is more concerned about whether his lover is “feeling” his p3nis and this state of mind gives room for anxiety and fear, which would only lead to premature ejaculat!on or loss of erect!on for such men”.

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