A new revelation has shown that women can be left paralyzed while having orgasm during passionate s*x.
According to a report by Daily Star UK, a British woman has been left paralysed after an orgasm during s*x – and she wants to make the public aware of the warning signs.
Lucinda Allen, from Stourbridge, suffered a brain haemorrhage during an orgasm which has left her permanently paralysed.
The 43-year-old is now confined to a wheel chair after she became paralysed down the left-hand side of her body.
Lucinda was pregnant at the time of her haemorrhage and was put into a coma once she reached the hospital. Doctors then performed a craniotomy to relieve pressure on her brain.
Luckily, her baby was unharmed and Lucinda gave birth to Marri-Alice in November 2012.
Lucinda’s nightmare all began with a headache during s ex.
She explained to the Mirror: “Nobody talks about post-orgasm head pain.
“That’s understandable. But I want to raise awareness of how it can be a warning sign.
“Because of it, I have lost a huge part of me – my career, any siblings my daughter may have had.”
Lucinda suffered a total of five strokes which doctors believe were caused by a congenital abnormality in a blood vessel that also caused her to have headaches after climax during s*x.
Sherry A. Ross, ob-gyn said post-orgasm headaches could be brought on by the adrenaline that flows through the body during s*x.
“The adrenaline rush occurs during the excitement phase, and then the letdown period, when the orgasm occurs, brings on the headache.”
These headaches can be either a dull ache in the neck or a sudden, severe throbbing headache as soon as you orgasm – otherwise known as a thunderclap headache.
The thunderclap headache is what Lucinda experienced and something the Daily Star Online has reported on before.
According to the NHS, a thunderclap headache can feel like a hit on the head and cause “blinding pain unlike anything experienced before.”
Dr Howard A Riina, professor of neurosurgery at NYU Langone Medical Centre told People magazine: “It’s this severe, severe headache that is out of the ordinary.
“It is a very unique headache and really the main symptom is feeling like this headache is like none you have ever had.”
Thunderclap headaches can also involve the neck and lower back and can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness – and can last up to ten days.
These headaches can occur during s*x and just before or during an 0rgasm.

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