Every relationship has its good moment and bad moments, ups and downs so don’t be fooled by the jolly happy relationship most people portray on social media but when you and your partner are emotionally connected you will know how to handle the bad times without it affecting your relationship. It is advisable for couples to have an understanding and not deliberately make some mistakes in their relationship, below are some relationship mistakes every couple must avoid at all cost.
Don’t treat fights as battles: No matter how bad the fight between you and your partner are, know that it is a lovers’ fight and not war so there is no winner or loser so know it is something you both have to settle amicably to make things better and not to proclaim one partner as the winner.
Don’t get personal: In relationships, it is possible you both know your weaknesses and insecurities with time so don’t use their vulnerabilities against your partner because they trust you enough to show and tell you their weaknesses, don’t break that trust and respect them enough not to use their trust as leverage against them.
Don’t bring up the past: There is a saying that when the past comes knocking, don’t open meaning let the past be past, don’t bring up past issues into a fresh issue as it will only complicate things and make it worse.
Don’t get insecure/jealous: Always remember your partner has his/her life to live, he/she has friends, family who needs their time and attention too so stop feeling jealous or insure with your partner hanging out or talking to other people, everyone needs their private space in relationships as there is nothing as worst as feeling suffocated in a relationship.

Don’t snoop around: Relationships should be built on trust, there is no sense when you stick around in a relationship that you don’t trust your partner so don’t snoop on your partner, stop checking their phones and stop stalking them on social media it is not healthy for you or your relationship.

Don’t indulge in emotional drama: This is especially for the ladies, don’t hold your partner hostage emotionally, don’t threaten them because you are not having your way as this can be emotionally draining for your partner as well as scare them off instead have a matured conversation with your partner.
Don’t publicise your problems: Stop making issues in your relationship public knowledge, people won’t help you solve it they will only gossip ad mock you about it, try and solve your issues privately and refrain from involving third parties in your relationship

Don’t make them your everything: Always remember that not al relationships will last so matter how good your partner may be at times things might not work out well so when you make them your reason for living it will become difficult to live on when the relationship ends. “So have a life outside the bubble of your relationship too, don’t lose your identity in order to love them, because if they leave, you will be left with nothing, not even yourself so give it your best, but don’t lose yourself”

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