https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BlUmmgnf45c/WVWQ8ztyeII/AAAAAAAARqk/Dwkxz2ahRd4efKAKEuADjnY1vrnfBKCMACLcBGAs/s1600/Sad-Black-Man.jpgHi, please I need honest and mature contribution on this matter. I love my wife so much, and I don't want to have a failed marriage, not so early.

My marriage is only 18months old. This is my wife's first Pregnancy, but I am having serious concerns about the paternity of the baby.

I trust(ed) my wife with all my heart and soul. She was away on a Job training for 6 months. The training finished on May 19th and we made love same day. She told me she last saw her period in May 16th so we both assumed she was in her safe period by May 19th before we made love. Actually we didn't want pregnancy or a baby yet because we are strained by resources for now.

My wife started complaining of strong tummy pain, plus her period hadn't shown up by June 12, so we went for a Pregnancy test and she was confirmed Pregnant. In fact the Lab attendant told me she is very pregnant. Days after I went through her chat while she was asleep and came across her chat with some guy, the chat was very suspicious. Actually the said guy is a Gynecologist, so she had told him she was Pregnant immediately after the test so as to get medical advice. In this chat the guy called my wife "luv", "dearie", talked about she visiting him, and my wife's response was to play along. At some point she even said she can't wait to visit the guy. The height of it was when the guy asked "how is our baby doing?"

I could not control my emotions after reading their chat, so I confronted my wife. She claim the guy was her best friend, that they met at her training. Actually she has always freely spoken to the guy via phone in my presence before this event so I had no suspicions until I read their chat. We quarrelled and she cried and cried swearing that she has never been with any man but me. She said she was heart broken I am doubting the paternity of her Pregnancy.
On June 26th, we were at the hospital for ultrasound scan and medical check up. The Ultra sound scan report says the pregnancy was 7weeks and 6days on June 26th. Now remember we first met on May 19th after about 6 months, also remember May 19th was three days after her period ended, she was supposed to be in her safe period. Now Let's assume she conceived on May 19th, between May 19th and June 26th is not upto 7weeks and 6days. Again I confronted her with these facts and she's been very emotional, she threatened that we must do paternity test after the baby is born to prove me wrong, she also warned that she will make my life hell after that test for doubting her faithfulness to me.

Please I don't know what to do next, my doubt is not fading because the numbers and events don't add up, I need useful suggestions please. Kindly note that I trust and love my wife, a part of me believes the baby is mine, its the maths that don't add up, and her chat with her Gynecologist best friend that keeps fueling my doubt. What is the best way to handle my situation?

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