A guy in my neighborhood was dating a girl for a long time, I knew them as the best couple. The guy doesn’t joke with anything that concerns the girl affair.
Today being June 11, this particular girl is getting married to one guy like that and the worst part is that not only that she breaks the guy’s heart but she didn’t let the guy know about her marriage plans Till today.
The guy in quote is very unhappy and was calculating how much he has spent on the girl since they started, not that he has a lot but he is trying his best to use the little money he has at his disposal to solve the girl’s needs whenever they arise, no matter how big or small just to show the girl that he really lovers her.
I felt so bad for the guy but on a second thought I ask my self what is the need for dating? why do girls pretend they love you just to be with you for a while just to gain something from you and most of them know that they can’t be with you for long still they persist on staying, by so doing l, they end up chasing away those that has the intention of staying with you forever..
Everyday is a lesson I have learnt my own today…I hope your learnt yours, is better to define any relationship to avoid the stories that touches the heart.. Define it so that you don’t spend your hard earn money on a girl that doesn’t value it..spend because you have not because your thinking that the girl will be your future wife where as she sees you as an ordinary friend..if you don’t have, don’t try so hard to impress because no matter what you do on this earth, you can never impress a girl…

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