Relationship is all about give and take, which means it should not be one sided and both partners must be able to go all out for each other.  While it is well speculated that women are more at the receiving end when it comes to relationships but at times men become extremely selfish only taking both emotionally and s3xually and not giving anything in return which is why this article is up.
Ladies,  if a man can’t do the things listed below for you please kindly take a walk from that relationship.
Eat you out: “I don’t care how he feels about the smell or the taste, if he expects you to shove his things down your throat, then he should be able to eat you out as well, it’s shouldn’t be a big deal”.

Wear a condom during s3x:  Unless you want an itchy vag!na, get an STD or a baby in your belly, then don’t waste your time with any guy who refuses to use a condom during s3x”.
Keep himself groomed: “If you can go through the trouble of shaving off all the hair from your armpits to your vag!na then the least he can do is keep his own clean too,  you don’t need to get stray hairs stuck in your teeth while going down on him, either”.
Be patient: “It takes women a while to get an orgasm, so your man should better be willing to touch you for more than five minutes and if he doesn’t care about making satisfying you, then you shouldn’t care about dumping him”.
Look you in the eyes: “Unless you’ve agreed to keep things casual, then he should stare into your gorgeous eyes between kisses, good s3x is about more than the way he touches you, it’s about forming a connection, as well”.
Touch your vag!na: “If he refuses to rub your cl!toris, because it doesn’t do anything for him, then he’s a total douche because most women don’t get satisfied from penetration alone, they need those cl!toris to be touched”.
Get your consent: “It doesn’t matter if he’s your boyfriend or your husband, he can’t just have you whenever he wants he needs and must get your permission to enter you”. Consent is a privilege and not a right.

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