There’s nothing as annoying and maddening than being horny but still dry. Vag!nal lubrication is very important during s3x for a lot of reasons, it’s a major sign the woman is ready for s3x and it’s also for easy penetration but lack of vag!nal lubrication does not mean a lady is not aroused as there are several reasons that can cause lack of vag!nal lubrication in a woman.
Having vag!na dryness occasionally is not a cause for alarm as it is normal but when it happens regularly then see a doctor. Here are things that can cause vag!nal dryness during s3x.
You have a yeast infection: Yeast infections can interfere with a lady’s ability to get wet as it disrupts the balance of flora in the vag!na. S3x while having a yeast infection can increase the irritation you feel in their vag!na and make the symptom worse as well as make you not be s3xually active.
Medications could be the cause: Some medications can cause vag!na dryness.
Stressed: “One common reason a woman might have trouble getting wet is that she’s not able to be fully present, a woman needs to ‘shift gears’—that is, allow her s3xual space to open and it is easy to shut it down particularly when the craziness of life comes into the bedroom, a woman who is distracted or overburdened by other things in life – work, housework, money issues, etc will likely be distracted and not feel amorous so, instead of trying to transition immediately into s3x from whatever you were doing before, take time to set the mood and relax”.
You’re not feeling body confident: “The vag!na can sense when you don’t feel totally comfortable about getting naked, a woman feeling less than confident about her body or not wanting to be seen by her partner with her clothes off can also impact s3xual response”.
Your partner isn’t that great in bed: “Sometimes vag!nal dryness is just caused by having a low s3x drive or having issues with your s3xual partner, if he’s not doing what he should be doing, or he is and it’s just not working for you, you’re not going to be as wet as you would be if you were really attracted to someone who was spinning your clit in circles in seconds”.
The soap you’re using is messing with you: “Some women are allergic to chemicals in soaps, detergents, hygiene products, dyes, and perfumes, which could be on your underwear or towels, and that could cause dryness or irritation, which often go hand in hand”.

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