Below are 4 thing a girl do when she is horny but don’t want to tell you..
1.She’s mean. If a girl’s being mean, it almost always means she’s horny. Now, you don’t want to tell her that — women rarely admit to being horny, and women who are feeling mean particularly aren’t going to admit to wanting or needing anything from anybody else. But if you see a girl being mean, you should take that as a loud, clear sign that she needs a man.
If you’re covering your bases and you get women moving with you soon into an interaction and investing and they can tell you’re going to lead them and move fast, you’ll notice a lot of “mean” women slowly start warming up to you. Their formerly bitter meanness turns into a more playful type of banter, and often eventually (assuming you really are leading decisively, making constant forward progress, and moving them quickly toward intimacy) even warming up to you and becoming almost kitten-like.
Alternatively, women will sometimes maintain meanness throughout an interaction, especially if they’re very much in need of a man. So long as a woman keeps following you and going along with you when you tell her to, don’t worry about whether she’s being mean or not — you shouldn’t even let it be a factor. I’ve heard men complain about mean women, saying things like, “Who wants to be with a girl like that anyway?” but those were just men in auto-rejection because they didn’t feel like they could get those girls. Little did they know those mean women they walked away from only needed a man tough enough to take their verbal jousting and lead them to intimacy…go to pages 2,3,4 to read all
2.She’s distracted. Ever go out to a bar or a nightclub and notice a group of girls where one of the girls is looking around a little feverishly, constantly scanning the crowd, and being a lot more open and/or flirtatious than her girlfriends, engrossed as they are in the gossip that’s being shared in their circle? That’s a big sign that something else is on her mind — and quite often, in a social venue like a party or a club, that something else is men.
One of the most helpful mentalities you can assume in this kind of situation is that of the hero who’s going to swoop in and save distracted women from their distractedness. I’ll often start talking to women like this with a simple, “Hi. How’s your night going?” spoken with a voice tone that assumes she was looking for someone to talk to. And that usually gets a very warm, knowing response — she knows that you know that she was looking for a man like you.
3.She’s personally flirtatious. This one’s a little more challenging to describe to a newer guy, but there’re essentially two varieties of flirtatiousness: personal, and impersonal. Impersonal flirtatiousness is the female equivalent of males’ impersonal game — standardized, autopilot, and the same stuff she uses on everyone. Personal flirtatiousness is the variety that stands out because a woman’s giving you lots of personal attention, is devoting most of her time, energy, and focus on you, and is either actively moving things forward herself, or giving you lots of hints (some subtle, some not as much) that you should take action and lead.
Personal flirtatiousness is what you’re going to run into when a girl wants what you have to offer and trusts that you can lead her to satisfaction. It means that, so far, she feels like you’re doing everything right, and she wants you to keep everything moving ahead.
4.She’s hyper-affectionate. This is usually only women who’ve had some to drink, but you’ll see it occasionally among sober women. If a girl’s touching you (or other people) a lot, and draping herself over you, chances are she’s feeling quite lustful. Get her somewhere alone pronto.
What do you do once you recognize a woman is desirous? Well, you pick up the pace and get her somewhere you can physically escalate! Won’t do either you or her much good if she wants you and you want her and the two of you just stay standing and talking in the coffee shop or the bar. You’ve got to get her out of there, and make something happen.
The rest of the time, keep your ears perked for the signs of a woman who’s feeling lusty. Once you know how to tell if a girl is horny, it starts making targeting a lot easier, especially when you’re out looking to pull a girl now. It’s an important ability to get down if you’re focusing on making your seductions happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just like in business, you want to make sure you’re targeting the right customer, so too in seduction — there are lots of women out there, looking for lots of different things — you want to make sure you’re focusing your efforts on the women who are looking for what you have to offer them. Do that, and before you know it, you’ll be turning a lot of horny women into happy women.

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