Strong, independent and financially secure: “It’s not surprising that real men are attracted to strong, independent and financially secure women, these are all very sexy qualities, men are naturally born providers and protectors of the people they love but they also want to know their partner can handle herself”. “Real men actually find it attractive when a woman is confident about her independence, can support herself financially, and shows she can handle herself in all situations, men who find it intimidating when a woman is independent and financially secure are not real men they are weak and only see these qualities as a threat to their masculinity and need to grow up”. Every man needs a strong woman when his life becomes hard, because just like in a game of chess. The queen protects the king.
If she calms you down when you’re mad, never let her go: “We have a temper, some people have shorter fuses than others so depending on your fuse, this might be even more important to you than others, but if the girl in your life can take you from ultra-pissed back to your normal level of chill equilibrium then you have a girlfriend who truly knows you, and that is a gift, my friend”.
If she believes in you: “Every man needs a girl who believes in him, who helps with things, if she is by your side and if she believes in you, choose a woman who sees a hero in you and would do anything to keep your morals high because he is the one whose love is not limited to the circle of love only, but expands beyond the limitations life”.
A freak in the bed: “Men love s3x which is why they look for a woman who is a lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed it is an important quality is one of the most ‘must-have’ if you are to have a long and happy marriage, so she must be open-minded, not be afraid of experimenting and be spontaneous from time to time”.

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