Let me start by giving you a background story to what you are about to read.

In 2015, the girl I love left me in a disvastating manner. I was so heartbroken. I decided to be careful so as not to have such experience again. I changed completely.
From 2015 to March this year, I comfortably and effortlesly walked in and out of 5 relationship. Leaving the ladies heartbroken,

It was in March that I realized that am finding it difficult to love a woman. So I consciously try to change it and settle with my future bae.

Last week, I met a dreamed girl. She is hot and well endowed from the back. She is the perfect girl I want. Within 3 days, I discovered she has fallen in love with me. I reciprocated by showing her care. Then I discovered she is the jealous type.
She told me she left an abusive relationship with a rich guy and have made up her mind not to go into any till I showed up.

I invited her over to my place today, the moment we walked into my apartment, she was all over me. She followed me to the kitchen while I prepared food for her and started kissing me.
While we were together, her ex called and she told him that she has found rest of mind with someone else.
Done eating, we set to talk and we started kissing. Then she asked me to make love to her. I declined and explained to her that is too early for it and don't want to rush into it. She was angry and mad at me, accusing me of sleeping around with my school friends, she couldn't believed I said No.
She started crying and made me to understand that I just have to make her cum. That's she is feeling that way cos she is totally in love with me. That I shouldnt make her remember her past.
I decided to play with her all through till she was satisfied.

Am left confused. I really love this girl and I don't want to have s!ex with her now. She may end up like others. My love for her hasnt matured yet. I need grow more in lo ve with her.

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