We believe the best way to understand this stuffs more easily is to compile photos related to this topic, Through this photos you will get to see the s*x styles and also the reactions they might show and why they hate it as well…
D0ggy, might sound surprising but is not the style that they hate is the timing that hurts, you don’t go into d0ggy when the woman is not yet fully wet for you.. is very discomforting and dangerous
This kind of style is kinda painful for some girls, cos the kond0 goes straight up to tummy and if its a long kond0 it hits the womb.. Sometimes there gr0an is not pleasure but pain!
R0mantic right??   
Indeed But What You Don’t know is that this style makes you rough on a woman, you don’t get the change to th.rus.t easily so you have to go in with force once a stroke and trust me they hate it! it kinda shocking
Trust me this is very bad for the both party, This kinda style needs strength from both, the g!rl needs to hold on tight and the guy needs to stand firm any mistake during the process will be catastrophic…
Pulling in and out for no reason! my nigga what’s your problem stop pulling in and out every min of the s*x it hurts and very boring no girl will appreciate that and certainly they will see you as a rookie, stay in even when you wish to change style unless it’s necessary..
Have a nice day!!

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