Being silently mad over someone is not enough. You have to let them know about it.

If you are a single guy, chances are that there is a babe at your place of work, on your street, church or on your Instagram that you are really mad over.

Being silently mad over someone is not enough. You have to let them know about this crush by either sliding into that DM, walking up to them in person or better still, by following these sure-as-hell tips:
1. Don’t sweat it

If you are getting yourself worked up with the thought of getting your crush, you are doing it wrong.

“Ask yourself, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’” Uwanma advises.

It’s either she says ‘yes’ or says ‘no.’

Only one of these two things can ever happen, and even if she says no, there’s still a chance that she’ll change her mind in the nearest future if you stick with the tips provided here.

So, what’s the point in overthinking and getting yourself overly worked up about it?

2. First become her friend

Experience and comments from many women have firmly confirmed that the best way to get any woman is to be friends with her first. It is better to get close and familiarize yourself with her… get to know her likes, dislikes… go out on few dates and then pop the question when she’s really comfortable with being with you.

It is better this way than walking up to a random person and asking them for a relationship on the very contact you have with them, says the vlogger.

3. Body language

You can also gauge your chances with her by the things she does after you have become friends.

“Most times when a woman is into you,” Uwanma candidly says, “while she won’t necessarily tell you, she will keep doing stuff to you that’ll point to the fact.”

Most times, her body language speaks volumes about whether she likes you or not – she touches your hand, face, shoulder, leans into you… it goes on and on.

That way, you could somewhat gauge your chance of succeeding with her.

4. Ask casually and maturely

Asking a babe to share a part of her life with you is not a matter of life and death, and should not be treated as such.

Don’t go all teary-eyed, and overly-emotional about it. And also try not be childish about your reaction if she says no.

Don’t forget, there are always two possible answers when you try this: she either says yes, or no.

5. A ‘No’ could change later

Women appreciate patience and men who treat them well, Uwanma says.

If she does not say yes now, it does not necessarily mean the answer can’t change. So there’s no need to be rude or give up.

Gentle persistence without being pushy or extra about the whole thing could eventually clear the path for you.

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