Recently found this interesting piece online which was written by tunnamania11. It is about the categories of vir.ginity amongst women. Yeah, you heard that right. Read the funny piece below.

1. Primary Vir.gin
This consists of girls that do not allow any form of intimacy. Their lips has never been kissed, their bre.asts has never been smo.oched and their body has never been caressed. We all know what they are called wink
2. Secondary Vir.gin
This consists of girls that allow kissing, smo.oching and caressing. They do all these with their full clothes ON because they are so fearful that they could yield to se.x when aroused but mostly shyness of allowing a guy see their body could be the reason. 

3. Tertiary Vi.rgin
This consists of girls that allow kissing, smooching, caressing , cuddling unclad, finger and also giving and receiving BJ. They are also called professional vi.rgins, their only fear is that they are not yet ready to be a mother.

So guys, there u have the three types of vir.gins. So when she tells you she is a vir.gin, ask her where she belong before you start giving preferential treatments of a primary vir.gin to a tertiary vir.gin.

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