The way men love receiving oral s3x, women also love receiving oral s3x because they can be pleasured aside from s3x and their man can see their erogenous points and focus more on it which will guarantee more pleasure.
Most men feel they are the boss while eating their woman’s vag!na but truth be told, men make a lot of errors while going down there. Here are some errors men make while going down on their woman.

Rough-handling the cl!t: “Some guys get overly enthused when they realise that women love cl!toral stimulation, especially when they figure out where the cl!t is, they become too eager and get way too rough and they also make the mistake of thinking this is their only focal point which is wrong, there are a lot of sensitive points in the vag!na be sure to explore them all”.
Getting mad when she directs you: “Help her help you get her off, giving your feedback is not a personal attack women often know how their body works and showing you is their way of making sure you are doing the right thing, the female body is complicated so perfection is not expected so let her help you out”.
Making eye contact: “Unless she explicitly tells you that it gets her off, avoid eye contact and this will only make her self-conscious and distract her from the experience”.
Not asking for feedback: “She will find the experience a lot more satisfying if her input is considered, ask her what gets her off and she is more likely to give you a straight answer better this than fumbling blindly down there”.
Switching it up after finding what works: “Do as she says when she tells you “don’t stop, don’t stop!”, if you hit that spot and she lets you know, do exactly what you are doing until she tells you otherwise, or until she explodes in a quivering quake of orgasm”.
Being uninventive with your tongue: “For most women, pretending your tongue is a little p3nis that just sits inside them doing nothing is a terrible idea, you are also not supposed to ‘penetrate’ her with your tongue because that is not what oral s3x is about”.

Avoiding the cl!toris: “Some men are guilty of knowing where the cl!toris is but choosing to ignore it, teasing her by stimulating other areas is fine, but deliberately ignoring it to prove a point or as some form of control is not the way to thrill her”.

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