Most times women are attracted to the wrong guys who they know they shouldn’t even consider dating but at the end of the day, they find themselves dating them, while the heart is busy making a stupid decision the brain should know when it’s time to stop the decision.
Ladies, here are some types of men you should stay away from when you are looking for a serious relationship.
The Narcissist: “Stay away from a man that is too self-centered and who obsesses over himself, it is normal for someone to care about himself but there should be a limit to that”.
The desperate guy: “Attraction is different from obsession, so stay away from a man that is obsessed with you, it is not good for you”.
The smelly guy: No one wants to go near someone that stinks no matter how rich, caring

The unhygienic guy: “You wouldn’t really want to go out with a guy who looks like he does not understand the words ‘shower’, ‘laundry’ and ‘clean’, right? Then make sure that either he cleans up or you bounce”.
The bad boy: “While some girls may find guys who break the rules attractive, it’s not really a problem falling for a rebel because when this guy turns reckless, you’ll end up being at the police station bailing him out for doing something wrong”.
The Broke Guy: “While I’m not saying that guys who are not well-off are bad, while you may be a good couple, make sure that he’s not using you for your money”.
While most of these guys listed above are fixable, be sure you take the right steps in the right direction if you’re looking for a serious relationship, something that is for a long-term.

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