There is nothing hotter than a quick, spontaneous s3x—get in, get out, and both of you are s3xually satisfied. An easy way to make your s3x life more exciting is by squeezing some quick s3x in an unexpected place or time, you can not underestimate what you can accomplish in those few minutes of quickie.
“There is no foreplay time in quickie, it is just basically for the ‘get in’ and ‘get out’ method, you have to keep it hush which means that there is no dirty talk and no moaning”. Here are some few tips to help you enjoy your quickie without trying too hard.
Get into the cowgirl s3x position: “A few s3x positions can work anywhere — your kitchen, bathroom or a closet, the cowgirl s3x position where your partner has you on his lap, up against the wall can just help you get off while giving you immense pleasure”.

Try sexting before the act: “Before you get to the act, you need to build up the situation, remember that you have no time to play, so you can make a call or text your partner to set up the mood so use your sexting skills and combine them with kinkiest thoughts”.
Be prepared: “Being prepared would mean that you always carry a packet of condom with yourself no matter how swift you are getting into a s3x position, you should also master the skill of rolling the condom in a jiffy”.
Do not over analyse: “If it is a quickie, it means that you do not have time to examine if you are doing it right, there is no time for questions or doubts so just carry on without stopping midway”.
Leave some clothing on: “Leaving your skirt on your shirt unbuttoned is hot, it’s one time your man won’t mind that you still have some clothes on”.

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