Women can be romantic, passionate, devoted, eloquent, and most times confusing, as women we are wired like that which why we say one thing and mean another thing totally. Even though men can be confusing at times but not as confusing as we ladies, which is why we hang on to unnecessary things in relationships which automatically affects our relationship.
Here are some things all women should stop doing in their relationships.
Speaking in monosyllables: Let’s be honest, there are several times we want to scream at your man for whatever reason but we end up with “Fine” or “Ok” which is so unhealthy in a relationship. Ladies, stop bottling in your emotion speak your mind to your partner or else it will affect your relationship in the long run.
Feeling insecure and jealous: We understand that there are times we have reasons to be jealous and insecure in our relationships but when you get jealous unnecessarily it becomes a major problem in your relationship which can automatically affect your relationship with your partner.
Acting passive aggressive: Always avoid being passive-aggressive and never pretend not to be angry because at times men don’t read signals and they feel you are okay when you are actually not okay because you have refused to voice out.

Playing mind games: Most times men are slow at guess work and mind games so you doing things to make him guess is just a total waste of time.
Having high expectations: True love should be unconditional, with minimal expectations because having sky rocket expectations in a relationship can be very unhealthy.

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