Trying to buy a lady over: “Love is not money and money can never be used to buy love, if you waste your resources trying to buy a woman over, she would only be with you for as long as the money lasts you shouldn’t be disappointed to know that she would walk the very minute you are done squandering but if she is a woman who values her integrity above all, she may call your bluff and move on and at this stage, the wealth you have tried displaying around her has been disgraced”.
Placing beauty over character: “Many men make the mistake of picking their partners by using a physical attribute, they use this as the major criteria and give more importance to the women’s looks than to the character they exhibit but deeper values should be used in assessing your missing ribs, men who make this grace mistake end up losing the women because they move on to the next bidder as soon as the men misbehave and the union may not last because the men may lose interest as soon as the beauty fades”.

Substituting money for affection: “This is a grave mistake committed by most of the influential men in the society, they are hardly around and think giving the women enough money would hold them down till they return but in truth, women love money and would welcome the idea of having money to spend at all times you should however not be surprised to know that the money is being spent on other broke guys who are more than willing to be with them and attend to their s3xual needs”.

Making false assumptions: “A woman that is beautiful has to be taken or she’s high-maintenance, assumptions are the mother of all mistakes every time you make an assumption about a woman and it prevents you from approaching her, it amounts to another wasted opportunity to hook up with a beautiful woman so take a chance”.
Being too nice: “A woman that would like you would like you irrespective of the fact that you act nicely around her, you do not have to bring yourself down to a level where you will become ridiculed eventually because you are trying to prove a point to her, love can never be forced; the earlier you understand this, the better for you and for the lady because you may become a potential maga or money machine once your desperation has been noticed”.

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