Sometimes we make silly decisions that we know we will regret in the end—pretty much like everything in life and not just in choosing a partner.
Sometimes we get the happily every after we dream of. Most of the time we fail.
What’s important is in the end, we learn a valuable lesson. We may choose bad boys at first but we will always strive to bring out the nice guy in them. Because the truth is, women still want to marry the nice guy.
So, here are some possible reasons why women might want to go for the bad boy;

1.Breaking the rules means fun.Women want someone who can bring them out of monotony or mediocrity. They want someone who can give them an adrenaline rush. Or someone who can constantly keep them on their toes. The bad guy is a rule breaker. And so the bad guy is appealing.

2.The media’s influence. A lot of movies feature stories about women falling for jerks who are actually nice or turned nice in the end. Sad to say, even Disney movies like Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast indirectly suggest that not all bad boys are downright evil or worthless.

3. Bad boys exude confidence andconfidence is sexy. Nothing is more attractive than a man who knows what he wants and fights for it.

4.Daddy issues. If you’re a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you know that Barney Stinson’s favorite “prey” are women with daddy issues. They are discombobulated. It could be because they’re rebelling so they want someone exactly the opposite of their daddies. Or because of homing instinct. They gravitate to what is familiar with them or what makes them feel at home.

5.The challenge. Men love the chase, women love the challenge. The challenge of turning the rebel into the ideal guy everybody wants to marry. So I guess we can also say that women don’t like bad boys because they are bad but because they like the idea of being responsible for his transformation into the nice guy. That sense of accomplishment to achieve something that seems impossible to achieve must be really enticing.

.Girls just wanna have fun. Men are not the only ones who are afraid of commitment or settling down. Since nice guys seem to be the marrying type, some women avoid them. They don’t want to be “tied” yet. 

7.Solving the mystery. The bad boy in the story has a story he hides from the world. Again, the thrill in unraveling the mystery behind that bad boy image is exhilarating. Curiosity gets the better of her.

8.The need to be rescued by the knight in shining armour. Most of these women who fall for these kind of men are intimidated by the outside world. They are shy by nature and are instantly attracted to someone who can take on the world, protect them and take care of them.”

9.Inferiority complex. The lack of self worth often lead women (or even men) to believe they deserve to be treated like crap. So they look for someone who can give them such treatment.

10.Women’s love for underdogs. Women are naturally sympathetic and are born with maternal instinct. They tend to look for someone to care for. They easily feel the need to protect and care for those considered as society’s reject or are often picked on.­

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