It is possible to seriously INJURE the p enis. If the pe nis bends forcibly during sex, it can ‘break’, causing extremely excruciating pain.
When it comes to s ex, most people become introverts.
They don’t want to speak about it — in public, so that they are not seen as corrupted or perverted.
But, because s ex is a very important aspect of life, it is imperative that some things be said, questioned and understood.

  1. Can the p enis break during s ex? Funny, but the answer is ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ at the same time. The penis is not a bone but when it is stimulated, it becomes rigid due to the flow of blood to the blood vessels it is littered with. Now, the truth: During vigorous penetrative sex/masturbation, it is possible to seriously INJURE the penis. If the penis bends forcibly during sex, it can ‘break’, causing extremely excruciating pain. If it happens, please rush to the hospital right away!
  2. Why are some p enises more curved or bent? It is just nature, and there is nothing wrong with a penis bending upwards, downwards, and left or right when it is erect — it is normal. It only becomes an issue if a penis that was straight suddenly starts curving or changes colour. In that case, the man might have medical condition that may be linked to a previous sex injury. A curved penis is even good for se x, because it reaches the uncharted corners.
  3. How do you deal with a p enis that is too small or too large? Well, this is a no-brainer. For small penises, the only advisable solution is to work on other s ex skills because there are many other things a small pe nis can do to pleasure his partner. Learning to use hands, fingers, lips, tongue and mouth right can help a lot.   For the extra-large p enises, using a lot of lubricant will help. Also, he should go slowly when penetrating, until the va gina adjusts. Also, it is better if the girl is on top, as opposed to the missionary position.
  4. Why is there a squelching sound during sex? It is funny and embarrassing sometimes to hear that sound like a fart as the penis goes in and out. It actually isn’t something you can control because it is a case of trapped air escaping around the penis from the vagina. Its normal, don’t worry about it.
When it comes to sex, never be ashamed to ask questions...

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